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Product Information


Weight: 164g/5.78 ounces
Capacity: 600ml/21 fl oz
Diameter: 100mm/3.93 inches
Height: 204mm/8 inches


✔️ 100% Titanium
✔️ Silicone leakproof seal
✔️ Uncoated and unlined surface
✔️ Ultralight titanium
✔️ Single-wall construction
✔️ Perfect weighted feel
✔️ Corrosion-resistant
✔️ Biocompatible
✔️ Non-toxic and non-allergenic
✔️ Daily thermal carry sleeve
✔️ Lifetime guarantee


1. Can I wash the titanium water bottle in a dishwasher?

👉 For SilverAnt’s products, we advise washing with a non-abrasive cloth, warm water, and a mild detergent. If you use an abrasive cloth you will scratch and affect the natural finish of the titanium. We advise to not use a dishwasher as the heat can alter the shape and effectiveness of the silicon seal inside the titanium lid. If needed we do offer replacement silicone seals.

2. Can I replace the thermal sleeve?

👉 Yes, if you contact our customer service they will be able to help you and send out a replacement.

3. What is the finish applied to the water bottle? Is it coated?

👉 All SilverAnt titanium products are given an abrasive sandblasted finish. We do this to give an even look across our products and remove the natural titanium discoloration. This sandblasting is not a coating or lining. SilverAnt will never use a coating or lining as it affects the integrity of the titanium.

4. Where is the titanium water bottle manufactured?

👉 SilverAnt designs, produces, and manufactures all our products in China at our own factory. We are an independent outdoor brand owning our own factory and manufacturing our titanium products.

5. I lost my lid, can I purchase a replacement.

👉 Yes, of course, just send our customer service team an email or shoot over a DM on social media.

6. Why does the titanium lid seem heavier than the bottle?

👉 The water bottle itself is a single-wall construction whereas the lid is much more intricately made. Because of the 100% titanium construction and inner design, the lid is heavier because the weight of the titanium is concentrated in a much smaller surface area.

7. There is a sound with the threads when screwing and unscrewing the lid. Is this dangerous?

👉 No this is not dangerous at all although at first, it can be a little concerning or frustrating. The reason for the sound is the titanium construction. It is the sound of titanium against titanium. This sound will go within a week of frequent use and regular washing and the grooves being frequently used. At SilverAnt we want to create products made entirely from titanium for the strength and ultralight properties as well as benefits to our health. For those that would like a plastic lid, this can be purchased separately by contacting our customer service team.

Ultralight Titanium Water Bottle 600ml/21 fl oz - Slim

As an outdoor company, there are some benefits to designing and manufacturing your own titanium products. Firstly you have the lightest gear. Secondly, you get to use the products you produce every day. 

The one product that I always carry is my 800ml/28.1 fl oz slim water bottle. It's either on the desk as I work or at the front of my Mystery Ranch Coulee 25 rucksack. (This is the best bag I've owned - perfect for the weekend adventure or carrying the laptop.) There is not a day that it's not with me. It's my everyday hydration companion.

The slim-designed titanium water bottle has now been on sale since early 2020. And in that time SilverAnt has received a lot of emails and messages asking for a smaller or bigger version of this water bottle. 

Funnily we tried first to make a bigger 1-liter version. It didn't work and the bottle lost its appeal and practicality. Nevertheless, by downsizing - we struck gold!

SilverAnt is now happy to release our slim titanium water bottle in a slightly smaller 600ml/21 fl oz size. 

Choose between SilverAnt's classic sandblasted or new crystallized finish

Our ultralight titanium water bottle is made with a single-wall construction and an all-titanium lid.

The slim design titanium water bottle holds 600ml/21 fl oz and weighs 164g/5.78 ounces.

The lid features a clip-top cap and a silicon food-grade seal too. Your Ti water bottle is bulletproof and more importantly leakproof. Place the bottle in your bag, sideways, upside down, or in whatever other position you can conjure. Attach a carabiner to the lid and clip it to your harness or bag. 

Hydrate regularly throughout the day and enjoy carrying a quality titanium water bottle. When on the trails you can fill your hiking water bottle from a stream, boil on a portable gas stove, add a purification tablet, and you are ready to go. Enjoy the SilverAnt titanium water bottle for both warm and cold beverages. 

There are many benefits to using titanium daily. Not least for your food and drink. Other common materials over time leech harmful chemicals impairing the quality and taste of your water. Titanium is a biocompatible material it doesn't alter the flavor or taste of your liquids. No chemicals, funky-looking yellow colors, or odors even after years of use. An additional incentive to buy titanium is it doesn’t rust, it's anticorrosive, and it maintains its strength! 

With every titanium water bottle purchase from SilverAnt, you receive our lifetime guarantee. At SilverAnt we manufacture every product we sell in-house at our own factory. This means we have full control over product quality and the manufacturing process. If you have any questions please contact our friendly customer service team.

Ultralight Titanium Water Bottle 600ml/21 fl oz - Slim

$79.99 Regular Price
$71.99Sale Price
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