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Capacity - 300ml/10.55 fl oz
Height - 80mm/3.14 inches
Length - 145mm/5.7 inches
Weight - 135g/4.76 ounces

Tea Cups
Capacity - 50ml/1.75 fl oz
Height - 34mm/1.3 inches
Diameter - 55mm/2.16 inches
Weight - 25g/0.88 ounces

Tea Case
Capacity - 160ml/5.63 fl oz
Height - 72mm/2.8 inches
Diameter - 65mm/2.55 inches
Weight - 45g/1.58 ounces

Total Weight: 607g/ 21.41 ounces (Including Carry Case)


✔️ 100% Titanium
✔️ Uncoated and unlined surface
✔️ Ultralight titanium
✔️ Braided handle
✔️ Precision pouring spout
✔️ Corrosion-resistant
✔️ Biocompatible
✔️ Non-toxic and non-allergenic
✔️ Convenient carry case
✔️ Lifetime guarantee


1. Can I wash the titanium tea set in a dishwasher?

👉 Traditionally to wash a tea set you will only ever use boiling hot water to rinse and clean. At SilverAnt we also advise washing the tea set with boiling hot water before use. We do not advise you to use an abrasive cloth as you will scratch and affect the natural finish of the titanium. Please also do not wash in a dishwasher. In addition, washing the kettle in the dishwasher can affect the woven braided handle.

2. Can I wash the titanium tea case?

👉 We recommend not washing as it is just a storage case that needs to be kept dry. If you wash please thoroughly dry before placing loose tea leaves inside.

3. Can I replace the carry case bag?

👉 Yes, if you contact our customer service they will be able to help you and send out a replacement.

4. What is the finish applied to the kettle? Is it coated?

👉 All SilverAnt titanium products are given an abrasive sandblasted finish. We do this to give an even look across our products and remove the natural titanium discoloration. This sandblasting is not a coating or lining. SilverAnt will never use a coating or lining as it affects the integrity of the titanium.

5. Where is the titanium tea set manufactured?

👉 SilverAnt designs, produces, and manufactures all our products in China at our own factory. We are an independent outdoor brand owning our own factory and manufacturing our titanium products.

6. I lost my lid, can I purchase a replacement.

👉 Yes, of course, just send our customer service team an email or shoot over a DM on social media.

7. Can I purchase an extra cup and tea case?

👉 Yes, this is no problem. Please send us an email and we can organize this for you.

Ultralight Titanium Teapot & Traditional Tea Set

Tea has such a long history that Wikipedia states tea was first mentioned in ancient texts around 300 AD. During that time entire cultures and traditions have emerged around the substance.

In China and Japan, tea is an art or expression of calmness, with the ability to host a tea ceremony still extremely important. Alike the French wine sommeliers, one can spend their whole life dedicated to the art of tea and still not know enough. With so many varieties of tea and even greater ranges within each type, it's hard to know what to drink. 

The SilverAnt ultralight titanium teapot and traditional tea set were built for all varieties of tea. Drink your Green, Black, Pu'er, Jasmine, or Oolong tea and enjoy the natural health benefits. The question is what on earth made the British put milk and sugar in their tea? 

With the titanium travel tea set, SilverAnt wanted our customers worldwide to be able to take the traditional elements of the tea ceremony and enjoy it at home. Inside every set, you receive three double-wall construction titanium tea cups, a titanium loose tea case, and a titanium teapot. Both the titanium tea kettle and titanium loose tea container are made with single-wall construction. We used a double-wall construction for the three titanium teacups so they are easier to hold with hot tea inside. 

The titanium tea kettle has a braided handle and an ornate lid. Inside the teapot, you will find a removable titanium tea filter. This is so when brewing loose leaf tea you aren't pouring tea leaves into your cup. It is also so that when you have poured hot water and left the tea to steep you can remove the tea easily. A crucial element of creating great-tasting tea is to not steep the leaves too long. By brewing the tea too long you might produce a bitter-tasting tea. 

Why Choose Titanium Tea Set?

In the East, tea sets are made traditionally using clay. But these are fragile and to interchange between tea varieties, you can be left with an aftertaste.  The beauty of titanium for your tea set is that it is biocompatible and anti-corrosive. There is no aftertaste or risk of chemicals leaching. Furthermore, titanium is strong and ultralight so the risk of breaking the tea set is greatly reduced. Enjoy great-tasting tea with every sip!

At SilverAnt our team loves the minimalist consumption ethic. We similarly like to buy gear that lasts a lifetime of adventures. When you purchase a titanium tea set from SilverAnt you receive a lifetime warranty. Contact our team for help. We are but an email or DM away.

Ultralight Titanium Teapot & Traditional Tea Set

$125.99 Regular Price
$113.39Sale Price
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