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Total Weight: 86.4g/3 ounces
Weight: 14.4g/0.5 ounces
Length: 200mm/7.87 inches
Diameter: 15mm/0.59 inches


✔️ Ultralight
✔️ Strong
✔️ Extra-long
✔️ Y-shape
✔️ Titanium construction
✔️ Yellow pull cord
✔️ Needlepoint design
✔️ Flame hardened
✔️ 6-Pack


1. How many tent stakes do I need?

👉 The number of tent stakes needed depends on the size of the tent and the conditions of the ground. As a general rule, it's recommended to have at least one stake per tent pole plus a few extra for additional guylines or for use in particularly windy or unstable conditions. Most tents need around 6-8 tent stakes.

2. What length of tent stake should I choose?

👉 The length of the tent stake needed depends on the type of terrain the stake will be used in. For softer ground, longer stakes may be necessary to ensure proper anchoring. For harder ground, shorter stakes may suffice.

3. What shape of titanium tent stake is best?

👉 The shape of the tent stake also depends on the terrain. Stakes with a wider surface area, such as Y-shaped or V-shaped stakes, are better for softer ground while thinner stakes, such as needle stakes, are better for harder ground. For all-round terrain and conditions, Y-shape titanium tent stakes are the best.

4. How do I properly insert a tent stake into the ground?

👉 The best way to insert a tent stake into the ground is to use careful downward pressure, gradually inserting. It's also important to make sure the stake is inserted at a 45-degree angle away from the tent.

5. How do I remove a tent stake from the ground?

👉 To remove a tent stake from the ground, grasp the top of the stake with a pair of pliers or a specialized tent stake remover and wiggle it back and forth while gently pulling upward. Using the notch on the Y-shape tent stake works well too. You can also for less firm ground pull with the yellow cord.

6. Can titanium tent stakes be reused?

👉 Yes, tent stakes can be reused as long as they are still in good condition and haven't been bent or damaged.

7. Can I use tent stakes in snow or sand?

👉 Yes, SilverAnt titanium tent stakes can be used in snow or sand. For snow, especially deep snow always shovel to ground level and place the stakes. For sand and arid desert conditions where the conditions are very loose use our longest Y-shape tent stakes.

8. How do I care for and maintain my tent stakes?

👉 To keep tent stakes in good condition, clean them after each use and store them in a dry place. If they become bent or damaged, they should be replaced to ensure proper anchoring and stability of the tent.

9. Why are the tent stakes blue and almost purple color?

👉 This effect on the tent stake is because every single tent stake has been flame hardened. This flame hardening gives a vibrant color.

10. What is the material of the yellow pull cord?

👉 It is a thick elastic drawstring cord. The elastic helps with pulling the tent stake out and the yellow is to ensure maximal visibility for finding even in lush long green grass.

11. What is the titanium tent stakes warranty?

👉 Tent stakes especially good ones will last years, but unfortunately due to their use they are often at risk of being bent. Due to this titanium tent stakes do not fall under SilverAnt's lifetime warranty policy.

Ultralight Titanium Y-Shape Tent Stakes - Large 6-Pack

Attention all trekkers, backpackers, thru-hikers, and campers!


Are you tired of using heavy and unreliable tent stakes that are difficult to secure in tough terrain? We have the solution you've been looking for!


The SilverAnt extra-long Y-shape titanium tent stakes offer a superior camping experience with an ultralight and strong design.


The titanium tent stakes are lighter than conventional stainless steel tent pegs because each one weighs only 14.4g. For those who want to make the lightest packs and reduce the weight of their equipment, titanium is your best option.


Our tent stakes are strong and durable because of SilverAnt's Y-shaped construction.

The Y-shape design of these stakes provides extra stability and makes it easier to secure your tent, even in windy conditions or on challenging ground. The Y-shape also allows for a larger surface area of contact with the ground, reducing the risk of slipping or shifting.


In addition to the stability, the titanium construction of the Y-Shape Tent Stake is strong and durable. The needlepoint design can penetrate the toughest frozen ground, making it a perfect choice for winter camping trips. The reinforced design also adds extra strength, reducing the risk of bending even on rocky or hard-packed ground.


One of the key benefits of the SilverAnt tent stakes is their color and ease of finding. Each tent stake is treated with a flame-hardening process, giving them a vibrant blue color that is easy to spot even in long grass. Additionally, each stake comes with a yellow drawstring cord, making it effortless to remove the stake from the ground.


Rather than searching for a classic silver/grey tent stake enjoy looking for blue and yellow!


For those who don't want to stress about running out of stakes when camping, the 6-pack of SilverAnt tent stakes provides extra convenience. The stakes measure 200mm/7.87" long and have a diameter of 15mm/0.59 inches, making them our longest tent stakes. The total weight of all 6 tent stakes is only 86.4g/3 ounces, and they come with a convenient drawstring case, making them easy to transport and store.


The ultralight Y-Shape extra-large titanium tent stake is the ideal option for your upcoming outdoor excursion, whether you require a single tent peg or a 6-pack.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable and durable tent stakes!

Titanium Y-Shape Tent Stakes - Large 6-Pack

$37.50 Regular Price
$33.75Sale Price
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