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Product Information


Capacity: 900ml/31.6 fl oz
Weight: 290g/10.2 ounces
Length: 170mm/6.7 inches
Diameter: 110mm/4.33 inches
Height: 135mm/5.3 inches


✔️ 100% Titanium
✔️ Uncoated and unlined surface
✔️ Ultralight titanium
✔️ Single-wall construction
✔️ Supportive handle
✔️ Short pouring spout
✔️ Corrosion-resistant
✔️ Biocompatible
✔️ Non-toxic and non-allergenic
✔️ Lifetime guarantee


1. Can I wash the titanium kettle in a dishwasher?

👉 For SilverAnt’s products, we advise washing with a non-abrasive cloth, warm water, and a mild detergent. If you use an abrasive cloth you will scratch and affect the natural finish of the titanium. In addition, washing the pour-over kettle in the dishwasher can affect the woven braided handle.

2. Can I replace the drawstring bag?

👉 Yes, if you contact our customer service they will be able to help you and send out a replacement.

3. What is the finish applied to the kettle? Is it coated?

👉 All SilverAnt titanium products are given an abrasive sandblasted finish. We do this to give an even look across our products and remove the natural titanium discoloration. This sandblasting is not a coating or lining. SilverAnt will never use a coating or lining as it affects the integrity of the titanium.

4. Where is the titanium pour-over kettle manufactured?

👉 SilverAnt designs, produces, and manufactures all our products in China at our own factory. We are an independent outdoor brand owning our own factory and manufacturing our titanium products.

5. I lost my lid, can I purchase a replacement?

👉 Yes, of course, just send our customer service team an email or shoot over a DM on social media.

6. Does the kettle have gradation marks?

👉 No, the titanium pour-over kettle doesn't have gradation marks. The maximum capacity is 1200ml/42.2 fl oz

7. The internal kettle filter is it also made from titanium?

👉 Yes, the internal filter is entirely made from titanium too.

8. Can I detach the handle from the main kettle body?

👉 Yes, you can.

Titanium Pour Over Short Spout Kettle with Filter  - 900ml/31.6 fl oz

A great kettle is used every day. For boiling water and producing great hot drinks reliability is a necessity. Whether you are at the local campsite making the morning brew or at home the routine is identical. 

Benefits of The SilverAnt Titanium Hiking Kettle

The SilverAnt titanium tea kettle with a short spout is a great kettle for both tea and coffee. Coming with a sturdy handle to make pouring easier and an internal titanium filter. It is the perfect kettle for making coffee and tea. The internal filter is built entirely with titanium, even the fine mesh. Pair with a SilverAnt titanium tea cup and your favorite loose green tea and you have everything you need to brew tea.

Even though this titanium pour-over kettle was designed with a short spout it still provides a precision pour. With the careful handle design, it has a great in-hand feel. Use your titanium coffee kettle with the short spout at home or the campsite. Due to titanium’s thermal conductivity, you can use the kettle to boil water on your home induction stovetop. Equally, use the titanium kettle with a gas stove when out backpacking. For easy carrying the kettles handle is detachable. Inside the kettle utilize the empty space for storing your favorite snacks or dehydrated food while trekking.

The SilverAnt titanium camping pour-over kettle with a short spout holds 900ml/31.6 fl oz and weighs 290g/10.2 ounces.

It's a strong, practical, and lightweight titanium kettle built for a lifetime of use.

Using a titanium water kettle even after years of use, your water quality won't change. With other materials, you may notice a metallic or impaired flavor. Using titanium won't happen because it's a biocompatible material and anticorrosive. The integrity of titanium doesn't decrease. Drink with confidence that you won't have any chemicals leaching from the titanium backpacking kettle.

At SilverAnt our team loves the minimalist consumption ethic. We similarly like to buy gear that lasts a lifetime of adventures. When you purchase a titanium pour-over kettle from SilverAnt you receive a lifetime warranty. Contact our team for help. We are but an email or DM away.

Titanium Pour Over Short Spout Kettle with Filter - 900ml/31.6 fl oz

$82.50 Regular Price
$74.25Sale Price
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