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Weight: 4.5oz/130g

Capacity: 26 fl oz/750 ml

Width: 4inches/102mm

Height: 4.4inches/112mm


✔️ 100% Titanium

✔️ Uncoated and unlined surface

✔️ Ultralight titanium

✔️ Single-wall construction

✔️ Perfect weighted feel

✔️ Corrosion-resistant

✔️ Biocompatible

✔️ Non-toxic and non-allergenic

✔️ Drawstring carry case

✔️ Lifetime guarantee


1. Is it safe to clean the titanium cup in a dishwasher?

👉 To ensure the best care for SilverAnt's products, we recommend using a non-abrasive cloth, warm water, and a mild detergent when washing them. Abrasive clothes should be avoided as they can cause scratches and damage to the natural finish of the titanium. It's also important to note that since the cup is entirely made of titanium, it should not be washed in a dishwasher.

2. Can I replace the drawstring mesh bag?

👉 Yes, if you contact our customer service they will be able to help you and send out a replacement.

3. What type of finish does the cup have? Is it coated?

👉 Our titanium cup has an abrasive sandblasted finish that gives it a uniform appearance and removes any natural discoloration. We do not apply coatings or linings to our products at SilverAnt because they may weaken the titanium's durability.

4. Where is the titanium cup manufactured?

👉 SilverAnt designs, produces, and manufactures all our products in China at our own factory. We are an independent outdoor brand, owning our own factory and manufacturing our titanium products.

5. I lost my lid, can I purchase a replacement?

👉 Yes, of course, just send our customer service team an email or shoot over a DM on social media.

6. Is it possible to cook with the titanium cup?

👉 Certainly! The titanium cup is suitable for cooking. To save time when boiling water, you can use the titanium lid. If your dehydrated food bag is too large, you can fold it to fit inside the cup. During heating, make sure to adjust the food bag's position to ensure an even distribution of heat. As a helpful tip, add the food bag to the cup before pouring in water and boiling it.

Titanium Pot 750ml/25 fl oz with Lid

The SilverAnt titanium pot with lid is an all-in-one high-quality, portable, and long-lasting cooking option. This ultralight pot is built for camping, backpacking, hiking, bikepacking, or thru-hiking. Its 750ml/25 fl oz capacity allows it to boil water for dehydrated food, cook meals for one or two people at a time, and even serve as a large titanium mug for your morning coffee.

The pot's nesting design allows it to fit a 100g/4 oz gas canister and a small micro stove inside. It's built and designed for the ultralight gear lover. Replace other gear items with a multipurpose titanium pot. The titanium cookware pot also nests SilverAnt's largest titanium water bottles. You can fit both the 1200ml and 1500ml inside, without the pot lid. 

On the lid of the pot, there are five drainage holes instead of the standard three and a convenient lid handle. By having 5 drainage holes positioned at the edge of the lid, straining is easy. The titanium lid handle also retracts and folds down. At the side of the titanium camping mug are retractable folding handles for a traditional camping cup feel. The slim profile is easy for storage, as well as store items inside. The gradation marks make it easy to measure water accurately. Heat and eat meals right out of the pot/cup/mug. Whatever you want to call it? 

SilverAnt's titanium pot can be used on both a gas/multi-fuel stove and a campfire. The large size allows you to boil two dehydrated meals at once or one big batch of instant noodles or pasta. We know that you get hungry easily out hiking, backpacking, or thru-hiking. Serve ample portion sizes for one or two people.

When not in use, the titanium pot can be stored in the handy mesh drawstring case. Save space and store cooking gear, food, or utensils inside. 

The SilverAnt titanium pot also has a further version with a removable bail handle. For customers that prefer to use a gas or multi-fuel stove, there is no need for the bail handle. For outdoor people who cook or boil water regularly with a campfire or a wood-burning stove, the titanium pot with a bail handle will be more convenient.

Titanium Pot 750ml/25 fl oz with Lid

$39.99 Regular Price
$35.99Sale Price
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